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The Secret Magnetic Power of Listening

In Creativity by Brad Wise

I was recently asked why our creative agency, Rebel Pilgrim, was qualified to tell stories on video. I thought about it for a bit, various answers flipping through my brain, and I responded with, “Because I believe we’re the best …

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Carbonated Hope

In 4LTR WORD: KISS by Brad Wise

“People come to the theater for truth. And we have that in spades.” That’s what Sean Critchfield said to me the other day as we talked through the lineup for our first ever 4LTR Word Show: KISS. Months before that conversation …

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The Gift of Failure

In 4LTR WORD: GIFT, Wise Pop by Brad Wise

Have you ever watched your boss stand up in front of 6,000 people and apologize for how bad your work was? I have and it’s a humbling, life-changing experience. I’ll quickly back up for context’s sake. Five years ago, while …

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Uncle God

In Exploring Faith by Brad Wise

This morning Leah tried explaining to our 3-year-old, Henry, that his Uncle Justin was her big brother. Just like he’s a big brother to our 3-month-old, Jane. For whatever reason this made him angry. He crossed his arms and shouted, …

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Old Scars Haunt

In Health & Wellness by Brad Wise

I was 10 years old when I got diagnosed with diabetes. I vividly remember sitting in the doctor’s office, hearing the word diabetes, and crying despite not knowing what it meant. It sounded a lot like cooties. Which was real bad. …

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Come Closer

In Exploring Faith, Wise Pop by Brad Wise

One year ago our indie rom-com, A Strange Brand of Happy, just finished its theatrical run in 45 theaters in 40 cities across the US of A. In 2011, while on set shooting the movie, Jim Zartman (our composer) started chatting up …

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Reckless Recap

In Culture by Brad Wise

I wonder if we live in a time when walls are becoming less of a thing. This past Saturday we put on our second Rebel Storytellers live event. Beth Guckenberger shared her life story on the stage at Memorial Hall. …

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You Will Float

In Exploring Faith by Brad Wise

In 2012, I spent a week in Monterrey, Mexico with Beth and Todd Guckenberger on the campus of the orphan care ministry they run. We (Rebel Pilgrim) had just optioned the rights to their story to adapt it into a feature film. …

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The Best Toddler Advice I Ever Received

In Family by Brad Wise

I don’t want to sound melodramatic, but there’s one piece of parenting advice that changed my life. It came from an infinitely kind, Jewish woman in her 70’s named Miss Toby. She runs the playroom at our local community center. She’s a …

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Photo Spark 1-4: Jared for the Win

In Photo Spark by Brad Wise

5 storytellers were given a daunting task—write a 250-word (or less) story explaining a random photograph. This is Photo Spark 1. This is story 4. This is Brad Wise with “Jared for the Win.” To Whom It May Concern: If you’re reading …