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Saying Goodbye

In Pets, Wise Pop by Brad Wise

Last week I said goodbye to Miss Jackson. It was perhaps the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Putting a pet down is something dads have to do. Not me. I realized when faced with this responsibility how childlike I still …

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Dressing Up Buster

In Random Musings by Brad Wise

Back in high school, my friends and I spent a lot of time at Hoffmann’s house. He had ample seating, snacks and cool parents who’d pony up for the big pay-per-view boxing matches. I still remember watching Tyson bite off Evander’s …

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The Putter

In Film & Video by Brad Wise

Ernest Wright & Sons of Sheffield, is one of the last remaining hand manufacturers of scissors. This short film documents “Putter” Cliff Denton, literally a putter togetherer of scissors. I found this film beautiful and inspiring on a number of …

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LeBron James, Star Wars, and The Lion King

In Sports & Society, Wise Pop by Brad Wise

American scholar Joseph Campbell spent his life comparing mythologies and found that a single “storyline” appears in drama, storytelling, myth, religious ritual, and psychological development throughout history. He called it the Hero’s Journey. His books have been the go to …

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Doc Shaw

In Family by Brad Wise

Back in the 60’s, Dr. Byers Shaw built an A-frame cottage up the hill from Catfish Hollow on Rocky Fork Lake. He had three young kids and this new getaway would be their wooded oasis. It was close enough that they …

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Hunchlog: A Collaborative Musing Exercise

In Hunchlog by Brad Wise

Hunch noun : a belief or idea about something that is not based on facts or evidence. I love hunches. I have a hunch there’s something holy about them. And I think having the courage to act on your hunches is the …

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Play It As It Lies

In Life Reflections by Brad Wise

Meet Wayne Carucci. This spring, Wayne was invited to give an 18 minute TED style talk at the annual Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) convention. The CEO of the association wanted Wayne to share his story because he knew it would …

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Technicolor Chum

In Random Musings by Brad Wise

I have the seasickness. I’m not sure where I caught it, but put me on a boat with lumbering waves and it’s going to happen; my tummy’s gonna turn sour. Years ago, before kids, Leah and I went on a …

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Futbol is for Communists

In Sports & Society by Brad Wise

I remember standing near the concession stand on a cool Saturday morning watching all my 4th grade classmates play soccer. I held a hot chocolate close to my lips—letting the steam warm my face—with deep judgement in my heart. My …

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What If We …?

In Creativity by Brad Wise

Three words when strung together in the right sequence and with the right tone amongst the right people … three words can change everything. What if we …? If you utter these words to dreamers they will dive into this sentence, …