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Only Fools

In 4LTR WORD: FOOL, Dating by Natalie Shaw

Today, I promised myself, I would be a fool. Only a fool would be here, at this coffee shop. I should be home, on my couch, with my cat, in the safe little nest I’ve built for myself in a …

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I Sorry I Was Actin’ A Fool

In 4LTR WORD: FOOL by Shawn Krumm

This story is about Little Timmy (not his real name) and his statement about foolery that only a child his age could muster with such cuteness, truthfulness, and staying power. Three-year-old Timmy was usually a menace in the daycare center, …

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The Renewal of All Things

In 4LTR WORD: FOOL, Marriage by Jonathan Williams

I took my wife snowboarding when we’d been married for six weeks. It was the right time. She’d never been before. I on the other hand found traversing the Colorado mountains on a snowboard far more important than a college …