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The Gift of Failure

In 4LTR WORD: GIFT, Wise Pop by Brad Wise

Have you ever watched your boss stand up in front of 6,000 people and apologize for how bad your work was? I have and it’s a humbling, life-changing experience. I’ll quickly back up for context’s sake. Five years ago, while …

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Come Closer

In Exploring Faith, Wise Pop by Brad Wise

One year ago our indie rom-com, A Strange Brand of Happy, just finished its theatrical run in 45 theaters in 40 cities across the US of A. In 2011, while on set shooting the movie, Jim Zartman (our composer) started chatting up …

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Saying Goodbye

In Pets, Wise Pop by Brad Wise

Last week I said goodbye to Miss Jackson. It was perhaps the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Putting a pet down is something dads have to do. Not me. I realized when faced with this responsibility how childlike I still …

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LeBron James, Star Wars, and The Lion King

In Sports & Society, Wise Pop by Brad Wise

American scholar Joseph Campbell spent his life comparing mythologies and found that a single “storyline” appears in drama, storytelling, myth, religious ritual, and psychological development throughout history. He called it the Hero’s Journey. His books have been the go to …