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Can I Pick Her Up?

In Adoption by Brooke Wright

“Can I pick her up?” I asked through the translator. “Yes, of course,” replied the petite Spanish nun by my side, “but be warned, she will cry when you put her down.” She was so tiny. The size of a …

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I Thought I Made My Grandfather Die

In Family by Paula Stone Williams

When I was a child I had a pet rabbit named Lightning, one of a succession of rabbits. One was run over by a car. Dad didn’t tell me until I was twenty-three. He always said, “I dunno, he just …

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Dissed and Dismissed

In Relationships by Paula Stone Williams

I flew to Philadelphia, then took the Acela Express to New York City. I usually write when I am traveling. On this trip I watched. At my airport gate there was a slight young brunette with 5-inch heels and skinny …

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4 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Dog

In Pets by Steve Fuller

Fiona is 9 years old. She’s my adopted puppy child. She was two when Liz and I started dating and five when we got married. I missed those early formative years (which is why she’s so misbehaved now), but I’ve …

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Beware the Quicksand

In Relationships by Mark Lutz

There are lots of nice folks in the world who care about other people and are willing to get involved and lend a helping hand in times of trial. Here is a parable about those people. An explorer walking in …

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Old Girls Network

In Johnson Pop, Mentoring by Jen Johnson

Dear older ladies, First off, do not be offended—by “older” I mean older than me and my friends—not old. Trust me, I’ve been well-trained by my mother that old is at least 10 years older than your current age. “I just …

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Kindergarten Sucks

In Family by Matt Mooney

Blonde hair poured over the top of the purple, floral-covered backpack that swallowed up most of the rest of her, until her legs peeked out from the skirt she had laid out with precision the night before. This would be …