Could This Be a Game Changer?

In The Bible Experiment by Joe Boyd

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Joe Boyd

Joe Boyd

I have been blown away by the support and generosity around The Bible Experiment. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you can read my previous post to learn more.

The Kickstarter campaign will end in 29 days and a few hours. None of us know where we will be at that point. If we hit our initial goal of $40,000, what we know for sure is that our backers’ credit cards will process, Kickstarter will release the funds and we can book the theaters for 4 shows in Cincinnati and begin planning the dates for Dayton, Las Vegas, Louisville and Orange County, CA.

I’m confident we will meet our original goal.

97% of all Kickstarter campaigns that hit 50% end up funded.

We are at 71% with 29 days to go.

The question is, how far can this experiment really go?

86% of our backers have come from personal contacts.

14% have come from being featured in Kickstarter’s home page.

Our 165 backers have an average pledge of $172.

My hope is that in the weeks to come our average pledge goes down significantly. That doesn’t mean that I am not grateful to our backers who gave hundreds and thousands. There’s no way we are here without you! Thank you so much.

It doesn’t mean I don’t want others to make huge pledges. If you have the means and believe in the mission of this project, I hope you will come through in a big way.

But we want thousands of backers before this is over—not hundreds.

That would mean that thousands of people want to see this happen. It would mean that we might actually have a movement on our hands. It would mean more people could hear and know and love the great stories of the Bible.

For this to happen, we have a 3-step strategy:

1. Hit our initial goal of $40,000 by this Sunday night.

We can own this one. This is within the grasp of those of us reading this blog now. All of us just need to take action.

–  Join the 165 of us who have already jumped on board if you haven’t yet. Just go to

Continue to invite your friends to participate. There is a link at the end of this post with a ton of art and photos you can use on social media.

After being humbled by the outpour of support, Debbie and I decided to double our personal pledge. A few others have followed suit. You can always manage your pledge amount by going to and clicking “Manage Pledge.”

Make a specific ask of someone to help us get to $40,000 by Sunday night. One-on-one personal emails tend to work best.

2. Move Beyond Us.

For us to see thousands of people jumping on board, we need to get The Bible Experiment in front of as may influencers as possible. We all know someone with influence. They are gate keepers and leaders of large groups of people. If all of us approached the one person of greatest influence in our life, something amazing could begin to happen. Our vision would move beyond the 165 of us to people all over the world whom we don’t know and may never meet. We all want to be a part of something like that. I believe we already have those people in our relational network. We just need to ask.  

3. Press and Media Coverage.

Hugely successful Kickstarter campaigns tend to attract coverage from the press. We believe that if we can hit our initial goal this week and begin to connect with our influential friends then we will be noticed by the national media. At that point, we become a story to them. We have press releases and emails cued up and ready to go when we hit our initial goal this week. I can’t stress enough that  this isn’t about me or anyone else being noticed. It’s about freeing our stories and letting them change hearts and spark hope and action.

Here’s a dropbox link to a ton of art that you can use to share on Facebook and other sites. If we can give you any other tools to help make the vision a reality just let us know.

I’m honored to play a role in what I think can be a game changer. This feels like something God has for us to do. I hope you join us in it.

Photo by Darrin Ballman

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Joe Boyd

Joe Boyd

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Joe Boyd is the Founder and President of Rebel Pilgrim, a full service creative agency and media production company with offices in Cincinnati and Las Vegas. He is the producer of several movies, including the multi-award winning comedy Hitting The Nuts, Hope Bridge and A Strange Brand of Happy. Joe is the author of Between Two Kingdoms as well as a regular contributor for The Huffington Post, Patheos, Leadercast, Christian Standard, and Rebel Storytellers. He currently serves as a Lead Teacher at SouthBrook Christian Church and an Adjunct Instructor at Cincinnati Christian University.
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