You Can Ring Ma Bell

In Doing The Deed by Holly Walker

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I live in L.A. This next deed is like cutting off my right arm.


I’m an actress. One of my jobs is to have my phone on in case I get an audition. Regardless, I’m committed to doing one good deed a day. I’m up for this challenge. One hour with the phone off won’t kill me.

Ten minutes later …

Aaaauuughhhhhh!!!! This is bull$&#*! Anyone could have called by now! My agent! A manager! Steven Soderbergh! Steven Soderbergh could be deciding at this very moment to start making movies again. He could be calling me because he wants me to star in his sequel to Magic Mike. Holly Walker in Witch Craft Walter! He could be calling, but I wouldn’t know it because MY PHONE IS OFF!!

Okay. Breathe, Holly. Breathe. This is one of those good deeds that is supposed to be good for me. It’s only an hour. If Steven wants me that badly he’ll leave a message.

I’ll tell you one thing: turning the phone off does let me concentrate. I have a whole hour without distractions. I can get some work done. That’s nice.

Back in the day, folks didn’t run around with cell phones. You had a house phone and that was it. You talked to people when you got home. And when I was in high school, I was only allowed to talk on the phone for so long. I couldn’t tie up the line in case there was an emergency. And we all got along just fine.

Long gone are the days of the rotary phone. Kids these days don’t even know what those are. And forget about memorizing phone numbers. Our phones do that for us. In fact, our phones do so much for us we’ve become dependent on them, which is why my heart is still palpitating at the thought of it being turned off. I wonder, with all the incredible things my phone can do, does it ultimately cause less stress or more?

I am going to suck it up and leave my phone off. I’m going to take the phone off its pedestal and put it on the shelf for a while. I’ll get some work done and then enjoy some quiet time … maybe listen to the sound of real birds for once instead of Angry ones.

Photo (Flickr CC) by Freaktography

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Holly Walker

Holly Walker

Ms. Walker made her acting debut at the tender age of 8 in For Spring is the Season of Happiness. She almost turned down the role of Mother Nature (she wanted the role of "Spring") until she found out Mother Nature had the most lines. On that day, a diva was born. Holly has traveled the world performing comedy. She has been to more than 40 U.S. states and over 30 countries worldwide. She is an alum of the improvisational companies Boom Chicago and The Second City. Holly currently works on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore as a writer and performer. She has been a part of the Rebel Storytellers family since 2009 and hopes to be with them for many years to come.
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