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Do You Have “Career Freedom?”

In 4LTR WORD: FREE by Julie Bauke

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Wake Up. Caffeinate. Hit the door. Already late.
Swear at that traffic. It sucks every day. Honk at anyone who gets in your way.

Slide into your rat hole and look all around. Your fellow rats, right there to be found.
Heavy sighs, that feeling of dread. Wishing that you could still be in bed.

Trudge through five days to be free for two. That makes no sense—to me or to you.
Is this was you thought your life would be? That you’d be so much “less than free?”

Feeling good about your work each day.
Really succeeding at work—and at play.
Everyone seeks a life of meaning, in a way that our soul can hear.
Each can have it if he dares. Might this just be your year?

Okay, so I’m no poet. But I do fervently believe that work should have meaning—and that “meaning” is a very private definition. What work would be most meaningful to you if you could wave your magic wand and have it tomorrow? In my experience, that is where we all fall down. We are very comfortable saying, “I don’t know what I want to do, but it’s not this!” And then we fall right back into what we know—and dislike.

My challenge to you is this: If someone told you that you could have the career/job you really want tomorrow, and all you had to do was describe it, could you? If so, are you working a plan to get it? Or have you put it under your pillow for the Career Fairy to find? And if you can’t describe it, what actions are you taking to get clarity on what your “next best” might be? The Career Fairy isn’t coming.

Learn more about how to get your Career Happiness:

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Julie Bauke
Julie Bauke is a Career Strategist and President of The Bauke Group. Her business focuses on educating and inspiring individuals in building the career of their dreams. She is a dynamic and highly interactive speaker, trainer and coach with a passion for educating and inspiring individuals to take charge of their careers, believing that we all deserve to “skip to the shower” on Monday morning. Julie is the Careers and Jobs Expert on Cincinnati’s Fox19 TV (Raycom Media), 700WLW Radio (Clear Channel) and the host of “Get Career Happy with Julie Bauke” on iHeartRadio. She is the author of Stop Peeing On Your Shoes: Avoiding the 7 Mistakes that Screw Up your Job Search.
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