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Grounded at Christmastime

In 4LTR WORD: GIFT by Shawn Krumm

I was a sophomore in high school and was grounded for eight weeks … and it was Christmastime! What the heck did I do to get myself in such a pickle at the most fun time of the year? I …

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The Benevolence of Beaches

In 4LTR WORD: GIFT by Mandy Smith

Beaches are generous places. Well, I suppose it could be said that the breakers bring the gift and the beach just presents it. I’ve lost track of how many gifts I’ve received from beaches—tiny bird skeletons bleached by the sun, …

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A Game of Redeeming Features

In 4LTR WORD: GIFT by Paula Stone Williams

The Mets had won the ‘86 World Series and everyone wanted season tickets for ‘87. When I went to the stadium the Mets staff took me to the visitor’s locker room, where only recently Bill Buckner had contemplated Mookie Wilson’s …

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The Space Between

In 4LTR WORD: GIFT, Regan Pop by Gina Regan

The highway was packed. Bumper to bumper, barely snaking forward—glaciers have melted and formed new oceans faster than I was moving. The car radio hummed and my three-hour journey home for Thanksgiving slowly turned into four hours, then five. At …