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The Space Between

In 4LTR WORD: GIFT, Regan Pop by Gina Regan

The highway was packed. Bumper to bumper, barely snaking forward—glaciers have melted and formed new oceans faster than I was moving. The car radio hummed and my three-hour journey home for Thanksgiving slowly turned into four hours, then five. At …

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Delmy’s Heart

In Education, Regan Pop by Gina Regan

When Delmy García was seven years old, she was told she had a bad heart. “I had to stay at the hospital for a week,” Delmy says. “I was very sad.” She always knew she was different—unable to run outside, …

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A Love Letter to Guatemala

In Communities, Regan Pop by Gina Regan

My first international trip was in 2005—unless you count our family vacation to London when I was eight. But since my only takeaways from that trip were a souvenir photo from the London Zoo of me smiling like a maniac …