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Act Now… Before Winter Comes

In Life Reflections by Kim Anthony

I discovered something today. For years I wanted to have my own flower garden; a place where I could sit and escape from life’s stresses and enjoy the beauty and fragrance. Now, I have one, but I don’t go there …

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In Life Reflections by Starfire Council

If you’re a person with developmental disabilities looking for a group exercise class, you might find yourself being funneled into services for people with “needs” like you. You’ll sign up for a class through this special service, and begin attending …

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WWYD with 7 Spare Hours?

In Life Reflections by Gina Regan

I have no time. Okay, that’s a lie. I have a lot of time, but I never seem to get anything done. I have a lifetime’s worth of things I want to do, feel like I should do, wish I …

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Patience, Peaches.

In Life Reflections by Brad Wise

This morning my one-year-old daughter, Jane, was pointing at the box of Star Wars marshmallow cereal, and then rubbing her chest with her hands- the sign for “Please.” I think. It is in our house. Somehow Henry convinced his mother …

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In Life Reflections by Julia Curry

I recently turned 39. This past year I really learned what it means to feel fear and ride the wave of the feelings rather than fight them. I became more curious about where the waves would take me rather than …

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TimeHop to Now

In Life Reflections by Brooke Wright

I haven’t had as much time to write as I would like, because: Summer + three kids. (Can I get an amen?) Thanks to the TimeHop app on my phone (I’m addicted!) I am able to see what I was …

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Ninety Day Challenge

In Life Reflections by Natalie Shaw

“Do you ever feel like you can only be so much of a good person?” My friend laughed, but nodded. Probably not the response she was expecting when she asked about my dating life. “Something’s gotta give,” she said. “Exactly,” …

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One Crazy Evening

In Life Reflections by Paula Stone Williams

Humans have a lot of basic needs you wouldn’t necessarily think about unless someone pointed them out. For instance, humans need stories. We do not just like stories. We need them. We cannot live without sleeping. We cannot sleep without …