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What Labor Day Means

In Film & Video by Joe Boyd

Labor Day isn’t the most celebrated of holidays on our calendar. It was birthed out of a movement to honor and respect the hardworking Americans who laid the foundation of our nation in the late 19th Century. Today it has …

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The Putter

In Film & Video by Brad Wise

Ernest Wright & Sons of Sheffield, is one of the last remaining hand manufacturers of scissors. This short film documents “Putter” Cliff Denton, literally a putter togetherer of scissors. I found this film beautiful and inspiring on a number of …

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Don’t EVER Limit Yourself

In Film & Video by Sam Ciurdar

This entry is for all my fellow filmmakers out there. I know the struggle when it comes to filming something, and filming it for cheap (or even free). More often than not, I hear the following excuses: I don’t have …

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Storyboarding Braveheart

In Film & Video by Mark Haas

I love movies—and seeing my first pencil animation was magical—but storyboarding captured my heart. Every camera angle, movement, and cut either brings a story together or weakens it. Two months ago, my love of storyboarding came full circle when Rebel …