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My Addiction

In 4LTR WORD: FREE, Johnson Pop by Jen Johnson

God is teaching me not to worry by taking the stuff I get angsty about and making it happen. Seriously. Last year before our trip to India I worried that because none of the participants had connected beforehand, all of us …

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The Gift of Honesty

In 4LTR WORD: GIFT, Johnson Pop by Jen Johnson

It’s Christmas, the time when humblebrags move from Facebook into the double-sided, full-color Christmas letter. (Bonus points if it’s in Comic Sans.) Full of news about graduations and babies and promotions and trips to Nepal, these letters carefully glide past …

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Welcome to Johnsonia

In 4LTR WORD: HOME, Johnson Pop by Jen Johnson

I have long thought that I would be a wonderful benevolent dictator of a small country, and the more dysfunction and stupid-choice-making I see around me, the more I think my wise leadership is needed. So as soon as I …

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Old Girls Network

In Johnson Pop, Mentoring by Jen Johnson

Dear older ladies, First off, do not be offended—by “older” I mean older than me and my friends—not old. Trust me, I’ve been well-trained by my mother that old is at least 10 years older than your current age. “I just …