Hunchlog: A Collaborative Musing Exercise

In Hunchlog by Brad Wise

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Brad Wise

Brad Wise

Hunch noun
: a belief or idea about something that is not based on facts or evidence.

I love hunches. I have a hunch there’s something holy about them. And I think having the courage to act on your hunches is the foundation of the curious/creative life (and probably life in general).

For me, they start with a gut wonderment. Then I test it out in my head for a bit. If it feels like something I eventually share it with pals who poke holes and/or add onto the hunch/theory/idea/musing. Sometimes that results in creating something. Sometimes it’s just a good chat.

This morning I had a hunch that this process could be a fun blog series. My current plan is to write the stream of conscious theorizing that usually happens in my head. Then, I’d love for you to poke holes and/or add onto this hunch in the comment section. I know most people don’t comment on posts. But, my hunch is it’ll be more fun if you do …

Hunchlog #1: Newborns and Campfires

My wife just gave birth to our second child, Jane. I have a hunch there might be an unprovable scientific connection between the magic of newborns and campfires. Perhaps at the hormonal + molecular level.

They both radiate a soul-warming heat. I can’t stop pressing my cheek against Jane’s head. And I love the way my jeans get all hot by a campfire.

They’re both hypnotizing. You can stare at them for hours, even in the middle of the night when all you really want to do is go to sleep. There’s something about newborns’ chubby cheeks and the blue-red glow of hot coals.

They’re both smelly. Women get hormone-drunk off the way babies smell. I think most men get hormone-drunk (and actual-drunk) near the smell of campfire smoke.

Their waste is messy and not fun to clean up. Scooping up piles of poop and soot after a long night is no bueno.

They cause friends and family to gather for eating and drinking. This has been one of the best parts of wee Jane joining our family. People bring food and wine, we hang out, and wax nostalgic and futuristic. Same thing happens around burning logs.

They can get non-singers to sing sweet songs. I wish I knew more camp songs and lullabies. Instead I make up little hum-a-longs and ditties.

I’m aware of the countless ways this theory breaks down. Namely s’mores and forest fires. But if you see any connections between newborns and campfires please share.

Until the next Hunchlog …

Photo (Flickr CC) by Andreas Köberle

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Brad Wise

Brad Wise

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Brad is the Chief Creative Officer for Rebel Pilgrim Productions and co-founder of Rebel Storytellers. He co-hosts the Rebel Storytellers Podcast with Steve Fuller. And when he's not doing all that he's hanging out with his beautiful wife, Leah, and their kids, Henry and Jane. Their hound dog, Lola, is usually close by as well.
Brad Wise

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