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The Beach

In Life Reflections by Steve Fuller

It took me seven years, but I think I finally get it. Every June since her birth, my wife has vacationed in North Carolina’s Outer Banks with her family. The first time I accompanied them was 2008. Liz and I …

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Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned

In Finding God by Chris Day

This is one post in a series called “Finding God.” You can read Chris Day’s entire series here. As the years went on so did my journey deeper into Catholicism. I was enrolled in (Pope) John XXIII Elementary School and …

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We Did It! Now What?

In The Bible Experiment by Joe Boyd

Victory! If you’ve been following our Bible Experiment Kickstarter campaign, then you know that on Sunday we crossed our initial goal of $40,000. This happened in just 11 days—well ahead of my hopes. The whole experience has been really great. I …

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I Need More Milk

In Life Reflections by Chris Day

One time I watched as a street performer in Germany blew my mind. He had a simple clear glass pitcher full of milk in his left hand. And the obligatory upside down, magician’s top hat sitting atop a small linen …

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Remembering Tony Gwynn

In Sports & Society by Steve Fuller

Every once in a while, someone passes away who—as people remember his or her life—inspires you to be a better person. Tony Gwynn is one of those people. Tony Gwynn died Monday from cancer. The likely culprit was smokeless chewing …

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Futbol is for Communists

In Sports & Society by Brad Wise

I remember standing near the concession stand on a cool Saturday morning watching all my 4th grade classmates play soccer. I held a hot chocolate close to my lips—letting the steam warm my face—with deep judgement in my heart. My …

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Summer Muse

In Photography by Darrin Ballman

A few years ago I rediscovered what I like to call, “Improvisational Photography.” No real plan, no preconceived idea of what I need to be doing. It’s my way of playing. I usually put word out and take volunteers. One …

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The Great Poop Incident of 2014

In My Year Downtown by Steve Fuller

I’m not sure this story has a moral. In fact, I’m almost positive it doesn’t. But we’ll see. Maybe I’ll stumble upon one by the conclusion. Either way, I’m writing about my year downtown, and this happened to me while …

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The Bible’s Example of Fatherhood

In Family by Joe Boyd

Happy Father’s Day! The Bible is full of stories of fathers. Here’s a quick look at the example they left for us: 1. Adam was the first father … and he screwed up the whole universe for his kids. 2. Noah …

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The Only Way Out is Through

In Yellow House Chronicles by Natalie Shaw

I am writing this from the bottom of a hill. I live here now, with the mosquitoes and the ticks and the stinging nettle, because I’m tired. I’ve been running for over 30 minutes, up and down these hills, through …