That’s Just the Way It Is

In Doing The Deed by Holly Walker

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Have you ever had a song transport you to a totally different time and place?


I listened to the album The Way It Is by Bruce Hornsby and the Range. It takes me back … and dates me.

Before you go judging my musical choices, just remember this album won the group the Grammy for Best New Artist. So … there.

The song Mandolin Rain took me back to when I was working in an amusement park in Ohio. The drinking age was still 18 … and I was 19 whole years old. I fell in love with a Dixieland trombone player. He was tall, light and handsome. He was also funny, smart and older than me. He swept me off my feet. Trouble is, I was dating someone else at the time.

My current boyfriend, sweet as he was, drove up to visit me … and saw me kissing the new boy.

Breakups are always tough. Betrayal makes it worse. It’s not my fault I fell for someone else. The heart wants what it wants. But I could have definitely handled the situation better.

We’ve all had our hearts broken. We all know how completely miserable it feels. The first guy I ever loved smashed my heart into bits. I got a happy ending though. 20 years later he found me on Facebook … and apologized for his behavior. Who expects THAT miracle?!? I’m still flabbergasted by it!

That email repaired a little piece of my heart. My ex was so kind to write it. I wanted to give that same extraordinary gift to someone else. So I wrote my ex. My other ex. Ex 3 out of 246.

I was a little nervous to send it. I still am. I don’t know how he’ll react. A little weight is gone though.

It’s never too late to admit when we’ve done something wrong, even if it was (mumble a number into my hand) years ago. We all make mistakes. We all act childish. That’s just the way it is. Some things will never change.

Ah … but don’t you believe them.

Photo (Flickr CC) by David Goehring

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Holly Walker

Holly Walker

Ms. Walker made her acting debut at the tender age of 8 in For Spring is the Season of Happiness. She almost turned down the role of Mother Nature (she wanted the role of "Spring") until she found out Mother Nature had the most lines. On that day, a diva was born. Holly has traveled the world performing comedy. She has been to more than 40 U.S. states and over 30 countries worldwide. She is an alum of the improvisational companies Boom Chicago and The Second City. Holly currently works on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore as a writer and performer. She has been a part of the Rebel Storytellers family since 2009 and hopes to be with them for many years to come.
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