3 Weird Things That Give Me Joy

In Life Reflections by Garrett Curry

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This week has left a lot of us in a funk. Our Facebook news feed has been streaming with graphic images from the Middle East (some true, some not true), the startling loss of Robin Williams is posted on every media outlet, and a small town in Missouri is slowly catching fire due to racial tension.

I’ve concluded that our mind and emotions were never designed to comprehend an entire planet’s worth of bad news, yet that’s what we feed upon daily. And our smaller world, the one we actually occupy, is left to forage through the mess of it all. For this reason, we are distracted and tend to lose our presence.

So, I thought now would be a good time to share a few of the things that actually give me joy within a world that wishes to rob me of it. There are endless things I could name that are common for most, such as kids, love, music, charity, faith, etc. But for a moment, I wanted to put those aside and share a few of the weird ones that are unique to me. I’m curious which ones are unique to you.

Standing up on my bike peddles and leaning forward while going unusually fast downhill while listening to The Dark Night soundtrack

We recently moved near a bike trail. Thank God for the responsible allocation of local tax dollars! I bike on it often, and it is quickly becoming my new indulgence. There are many parts I enjoy about a good ride, but racing down a hill in an attempt to rescue Gotham from certain doom with Hans Zimmer cheering me on is enrapturing. The fact that my brakes don’t work makes it even more so.

Walking on a beach with my eyes closed while wearing sunglasses

This is an experience like no other, and I highly suggest it. When doing it at low tide toward the evening there are no boundaries or people to crash into. You are surrounded with infinite space. The sunglasses, of course, shroud the fact that your eyes are shut, which would look creepy to others. Start walking forward and hear the out loud dialogue of the waves and wind. Being in forward motion with your eyes closed is very uncomfortable at first. But once you get over the initial fear, it takes your mind and emotions to some interesting places. In fact, try running.

Mastering the art of the omelette

I’ve always had a love for cooking. But, when I purchased tri-ply stainless steel cookware, I discovered how to cook an egg without a non-stick surface, and that changed everything. The secret is 1 to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil on medium/high heat. The moment the oil starts to smoke pour your beaten eggs into it and watch the magic happen. Mastering hollandaise sauce has enhanced the experience even more. My wife has been the primary beneficiary of my omelets with arugula, diced tomatoes, sauteed onions, white cheddar, and bacon, topped with hollandaise. Spectacular.

I would love to hear some of your own secret joys in life that push against the things that wish to steal it away. Please comment and make sure they’re weird or even a little embarrassing.

Photo (Flickr CC) by Strelban

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Garrett Curry

Garrett Curry

Garrett comes from an 18-year career planting campus ministries and house churches, as well as being a part of some remarkable start-ups, ministries and non-profits, such as coffee shops, social initiatives and an idea accelerator. Garrett also did freelance graphic design on the side since 2006, which later launched into his current full-time work under Raygun Workshop. He now provides brand development, creative ideation, UI/UX design, graphic design and print. Garrett normally has several ventures happening simultaneously, such as other startup opportunities and personal creative pursuits he wishes to share with the world.
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