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She Showed Up

In 4LTR WORD: FREE, Williams Pop by Paula Stone Williams

By all outward appearances it was a successful life. I ran a growing nonprofit, served as an editor for a venerable magazine, taught courses at colleges and seminaries, preached in the rotation at two megachurches, hosted a national television program, …

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I Take Her Hand and Spin

In Exploring Faith, Williams Pop by Paula Stone Williams

God always seemed so “other” from me. I had a kindergarten teacher who was about 95. If she ever liked children it was before both world wars. Miss Gibbs was mean-spirited and downright cruel. Midway through each afternoon we took …

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And So It Goes

In Culture, Williams Pop by Paula Stone Williams

I grew up in Ohio and Kentucky but spent most of my working life on Long Island, one of the few remaining places in America where the accent is as thick as the salt air. Though Long Island is indeed …