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Rest in Peace, Sam Dubose

In Culture by Rebel Storytellers

The family of Sam Dubose released these photos of a man who was loved by many. As a community we pray and look for ways to bring healing, peace, and justice.

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A Living, Breathing, Document

In Exploring Faith, Social Justice by Paula Stone Williams

In writing the majority opinion for the Supreme Court’s recent decision on gay marriage, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy said, “No union is more profound than marriage for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family…It would …

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Lamentations (Charleston Shooting)

In Culture by Harmony Hensley

I’ve wrestled with whether or not I should write anything about what happened in Charleston this week. I’m a white woman who lives in the suburbs – I somehow feel like I’m not allowed to grieve this. I’m not a …

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Creating Culture

In Culture, Life Reflections by Jen Johnson

Jeff Bezos (pictured) started with nothing—he quit his job in New York, wrote a business plan for Amazon on the drive west, and rented office space in one of Seattle’s worst neighborhoods. His first desk was a wooden door …

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Hope in Guatemala

In Life Reflections, Social Justice by Gina Regan

I go to Guatemala a lot. I’ve lost count of how many times. I’ve been there so much that it doesn’t seem foreign to me anymore. The brightly colored huipiles, the vendors selling trinkets on street corners and the dust …

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Race Relations

In Culture, Life Reflections by Chris Day

“Don’t even look at me like that. I’m gonna freakin’ kill you.” “Yeah right, you’re a sad little man. You ain’t killin’ nobody.” “Did you already forget, bro? I just beat your cousin right here, in this very spot, last …

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The Danger of Shouting Advice

In Social Justice by Paula Stone Williams

Well-known church leaders have responded to the Bruce Jenner interview. For the most part I have chosen not to respond to what other religious leaders write about trans issues. However, embedded within my identity are responsibilities, one of which is …