Working from Home or Living at Work

In Yellow House Chronicles by Natalie Shaw

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I could write a whole entry about all the times I have sat down to write a blog post and gotten interrupted by something else. On the plus side, I have yet to get bored since I moved out to the horse farm. On the negative, most nights I don’t finish working up at the barn in time to do anything other than heat up a Hot Pocket and collapse into bed when I get home, no matter how early I get started. Lessons are picking up, I have two new client horses to ride, and summer riding camp starts tomorrow.

I miss cooking. I miss reading. I even miss having time to go to the gym. My more fulfilling life has so far just been more work-filled. Part of the problem is there’s always more to do at a barn, always more chores to complete or horses to ride, and it’s been hard not to feel guilty about going home when other people are still there, especially when everyone can see I am just sitting in my house, actively not working even though they’re still there.

On Friday I sat down and made a schedule. I wrote down every horse that I ride, how many days a week they should be ridden, when my lessons were for the week, and how many hours I needed to log on top of that to make an amount of money I felt comfortable with. I then scheduled my rides around lessons and camp, and scheduled a few hours of chores every day. I’m hoping being able to see that I have accomplished everything on my to do list for the week will make me feel less guilty about leaving “early” every few days to go to the grocery store, cook a healthy meal, or go to the gym.


Or even to do nothing! To stay home, to lounge in my hammock reading a book, to even watch one of the 3 local channels my TV picks up in full view of anyone passing by. To go home, guilt free, at the end of the day.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I hear a chicken clucking in the woods and I must investigate.

(PS – I found it!)


Photo (Flickr CC) by Moyan Brenn

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Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Natalie spent her college years at the impossibly idyllic Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio where she studied International Studies, Environmental Studies, and floating down rivers in inflatable tubes. After being forced to graduate in 2009, she hopped around the country for a few years, grooming wildly expensive horses in New Jersey for Olympic equestrian Anne Kursinski, yelling at puppies at a dog daycare back in Omaha, and playing corporate lackey for one long year at a real estate information company in Washington, D.C. She landed back in Omaha in the fall of 2011 and is working hard to cure her wanderlust. Natalie now lives and works at a horse boarding facility just north of Omaha with her cat Obie, 60 horses, and approximately 1,000 wild turkeys.
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