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Born to Fly

In Life Reflections by Beth Guckenberger

I was with a visiting friend recently in a really poor neighborhood in Mexico. Standing on the edge of a small river, we noticed a thin pipe running across the top of opposite banks bringing water from the “civilized” side …

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My Ears Hurt

In Life Reflections by Harmony Hensley

He presses his tiny hands against the sides of his face and says, “Mommy it’s too loud for my ears.” Though my little boy enjoys being loud, he does not enjoy loud noises in general. The irony is not lost …

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What’s Holding You Back?

In Life Reflections by Kevin Rains

What’s holding you back? A friend asked me that recently. That is the question of a real friend by the way. Anyone that can inject that kind of reality into a conversation is a real friend. The kind you want …

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Play It As It Lies

In Life Reflections by Brad Wise

Meet Wayne Carucci. This spring, Wayne was invited to give an 18 minute TED style talk at the annual Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) convention. The CEO of the association wanted Wayne to share his story because he knew it would …

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The Beach

In Life Reflections by Steve Fuller

It took me seven years, but I think I finally get it. Every June since her birth, my wife has vacationed in North Carolina’s Outer Banks with her family. The first time I accompanied them was 2008. Liz and I …

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I Need More Milk

In Life Reflections by Chris Day

One time I watched as a street performer in Germany blew my mind. He had a simple clear glass pitcher full of milk in his left hand. And the obligatory upside down, magician’s top hat sitting atop a small linen …