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The Rising

In Relationships by Harmony Hensley

I still remember sitting across the desk from my friend Joe, tears streaming down my face. “I just want to be good at something again. I don’t know that you really want to take a chance on me.” He had …

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Taking the Detour

In Adoption by Brooke Wright

You may wonder what happened after we put the suitcases down. I’ll get there, but first, a detour. When we were bumped from our flight en route to Cartagena, it was a serious case of deja vu. Two years earlier …

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Only Fools

In 4LTR WORD: FOOL, Dating by Natalie Shaw

Today, I promised myself, I would be a fool. Only a fool would be here, at this coffee shop. I should be home, on my couch, with my cat, in the safe little nest I’ve built for myself in a …

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The Renewal of All Things

In 4LTR WORD: FOOL, Marriage by Jonathan Williams

I took my wife snowboarding when we’d been married for six weeks. It was the right time. She’d never been before. I on the other hand found traversing the Colorado mountains on a snowboard far more important than a college …

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On the Move

In Friendship by Jen Johnson

I have moved a lot, and when I say a lot I mean seven times in 14 years. Here is a reflection on move #5, on the blessing of good friends who rose to the occasion, and on the excitement of life’s …

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In Adoption by Brooke Wright

We weren’t even supposed to be in an orphanage. In fact, two hours before I was holding that baby, I didn’t even know the place existed. It was the summer after we had adopted our second son, and I had begun …

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The Threenager

In Parenting by Harmony Hensley

I wear many hats in my life (figuratively; unfortunately my noggin is too large for actual hats, but I digress). In the words of my dear friend Katie, “When you’re wearing your Mom hat, other hats simply don’t fit.” She’s …

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Parade Throwers

In Friendship by Brad Wise

My buddy Sean called me last night all the way from Wooster, Ohio. He wanted to confirm a rumor he was hearing about me throwing out a first pitch at the Reds game today (on Saturday, April 11). He seemed …

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Listening Builds Room

In Relationships by Laura Buffington

Like Brad and Steve, I’m convinced these days that Listening is our only real hope. Listening might be the only way we’re going to create any kind of love out of a place designed to stir up and exploit hate. …

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Our Dog Almost Died Last Week

In Pets by Steve Fuller

For years, we’ve given our dog small rawhide Dingo bones every night while we eat dinner. They occupy her for a few minutes so we can scarf down our food without incessant begging. Because our dog is a glutton, she …