I Really Should Have …

In Life Reflections by Chris Day

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finished school.

gone to school for something I was/am passionate about (and then finished school).

gone back to see my dad the evening he passed away instead of “needing rest” at home.

enjoyed being a teenager more and should not have been so focused on my girlfriend.

stayed at my original high school instead of leaving for the girl mentioned above.

learned more about personal finance before jumping in head first at eighteen.

waited to get married until I was mature enough to understand the weight of what it meant.

gotten down on the floor more when my kids were little.

bought that old, restored Mustang.

ridden a mustang.

looked into adoption when I was younger and had much more patience.

invested in a stand-up desk much earlier.

gone with my gut and not let people persuade me to be someone I was not.

not been so politically driven and opinionated 15 years ago, especially since I now hate everything I stood for back then.

passed on that S’Mores submarine sandwich.

continued to write. Always.

listened more to the wisdom of my grandparents before they were gone.

stood up to my grandparents when they spoke words of racism and judgment.

given more money to those who needed it.

moved out of this area when I could.

not moved back to this area when I did not need to.

not eaten every bite in the food court that one time in Vegas. God, you remember that night, right? I made the deal with you about never over-eating again.

not broken my deal with God concerning over-eating.

tried more, failed more, and succeeded more.

written this list before to remind myself how to live daily.

Feel free to add your own “should have” in the comment section.

Photo (Flickr CC) by Yasser Alghofily

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